Keeping On

Here I am on the day of my scheduled departure and yet..I am not headed to the airport.  Apparently I just can’t get enough of the Pearl as I have chosen to extend my contract.  Again.  With a new age group trial happening onboard, they were in need of extra hands in the Kid’s Center.  My friend Jeanel and I were asked to extend and help launch a program designed for 12-14 year-olds.  My new sign-off date is April 10th.

As far as life onboard goes, everything is still going great.  I have a new supervisor and a large group of new coworkers here for the high season of Spring Break.  I’m hoping to miss all of winter and snow this year (though in colorado you can never be too sure..even in April).  I’ve continued going on excursions and exploring the ports as much as possible, such as horse-back riding  to El Limon waterfall in Samana and visiting the famous Meagan’s Bay in St. Thomas.

If you need to contact me, e-mail is still the best way to reach me.  I have very limited time to use my phone while docked in Miami.  Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers as I continue on in my adventure on the Caribbean sea!

2 Replies to “Keeping On”

  1. Hey Kimber- I am extremely envious of your travels and adventures–in my next life, I continue to wish to come back as a Strassburger kid!! We’re hoping you sign on to the Jade so we can travel the Mediterranean with you!


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