Goodbye Pearl

After 5 months, 3 extensions, 4 islands, 4 cruises with over 900 kids on board, and thousands of great memories…I am finally back on land! My contract on the NCL Pearl was officially over on April 10. The weeks before were packed with crowded cruises, hundreds of children, new responsibilities, and last minute trips at the ports. As I mentioned in my last post, during the last four weeks of my contract another counselor and I helped with a trial age group of 12-14 year-olds. The purpose of the trial was to further separate the kids’ age groups by creating an extra group in hopes of gaining more attendance at each group. Some of the best times were our dessert designing contests, Capture the Flag around the whole ship, and the Ms. Norwegian Pearl competition, where boys are dressed up by the girls for a beauty pageant. While I enjoy working with teens on the cruises, this particular age group often brought us unexpected issues. I have come to find that teenagers might be the most destructive group of passengers on cruises, just ahead of drunk Spring-Breakers. Overall it was a great and unique experience to be a part of something brand new to the company. Also, I can’t forget how nice it was to be in a separate room across the pool deck from the Kids Club where hundreds of 6-12 year olds were crammed in for Easter week.

Stay tuned…The Adventures of Kimber will continue shortly

A much anticipated wait for my next ship assignment was recently ended with great news. Not only did I get placed on a ship that you “never” get on your second contract, but also a few of my friends from the Pearl will be joining me there. My next ship will be the Jade, porting out of Barcelona every Sunday. It makes a seven day loop to Monte Carlo, France; Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy; Naples, Italy; and Mallorca, Spain. The floor plan of the ship is the same as the Pearl so this, combined with having friends on board with me, will make adjusting a whole lot easier (no more getting lost in the random corridors of the crew areas!). I leave on May 28th from Denver and sail out on the 30th. Keep me in your prayers during this time.

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