What better way to come back from the Caribbean than by being hit with a winter blizzard? Orrrr…not. I’ve recently returned to snowy Colorado from my 5 week contract on the NCL Spirit where I spent the holidays on board with friends and thousands of passengers. Christmas was extra special this year as I made my debut as Mrs. Claus. Like last year, I worked with the teens during New Years Eve week and had a great time throwing a party for them to celebrate 2011.  I even had enough time to reclaim my title as Dancing with the Stars champion. The ports were beautiful; I spent most of my free time eating delicious Mexican food and working on my tan (which is now fading..). I will be posting a few photos soon.

When are you leaving next?

For some crazy reason, people always seem to be asking me this when I’m home! This March I will be beginning a journey sure to shock me, requiring a great deal of patience, learning, and flexibility. I am headed to a country I have so long dreamed of visiting: JAPAN. For the next year, I will be teaching English in a city called Koriyama, just 150 miles NE of Tokyo. The school I am teaching at, Phenix English, was recommended by a friend who had an amazing experience there.  Although I do not know any Japanese (expect hello and thank you..yikes!), I plan to take classes while I’m there.  This move will be a huge change for me but I could not be more excited for the unexpected challenges and adventures I will find in Japan.

Expect to be hearing from me while I’m abroad, and please keep me in your thoughts especially during March.

Oh and in case you really were wondering, I’m leaving next for a ship on February 11th to spend another 3 weeks in the Caribbean before moving!

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