Dance Fitness (Slice of Life: Day 7)

The beat starts and I feel a fire inside.

My hips move with rhythm while my feet follow behind.

Hands reach to my head, grab my hair, close my eyes, don’t care who’s watching.

This is not a show; we are here to sweat.

And I do, face dripping, hair soaked.

My body feels alive when my heart begins to race.

Feet pound on the ground, body rolls to one side, pauses, and then rolls to the other.

This is not a show; we are here to sweat.

Knees lift higher, hips drop lower.

Thinking not of the pain, but how to give it my all.

The beat gets faster, feet running now, faster and faster, shouting out loud.

This is not a show; we are here to sweat.

But you can join us if you want.

5 Replies to “Dance Fitness (Slice of Life: Day 7)”

  1. I bought the Zumba DVD & tried to learn it by myself. I was huffing just going thru the demo lessons! Your writing is great, repeating the phrase, this is not a show Ed came to sweat, says it all!


  2. Hi Kimber, I just (finally) noticed that you sent me the link (cleaning out the e-mail). It’s great to find you here. Love the poem, and the repetition. A nephew teaches Zumba, will send it on to him. He’ll love it!


    1. Thanks, Linda! This has been so much fun! I think it’s great so many kids are participating. Thanks for letting me know about it 🙂


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