Afternoon with Oso Panda (Slice of Life: Day 13)

Their eyes are wide and sparkling with curiosity.  Could it be Australia?  No, not today.  Could it be Madagascar?  No, he just went there last week (obvio).  Could it be the Egypt again?  No, not again.  He wants to explore somewhere new.

Today, Oso Panda is going to Antarctica.  (*gasp*)

Que necesita? Oh what does he need??  I slowly dip my arm into the bag of clothing, as they anxiously await.  Traje de baño?  They explode in giggles as I hold up the swimsuit trunks.  They shout back, “No necesita!”.  Probably won’t be wearing his swimsuit on the plane.  Sandalias?  They roar with laughter again, and we mutually agree he will not be needing his sandals for this trip.  We continue through the pile, pausing from time to time to debate over an item.  Zapatos?  He’s already wearing his hiking shoes and we packed his snow boots–Does he really need another pair of shoes?  Probably best to save room in the suitcase, we decide.  Mitones-check.  Chaqueta-check.  Sueter-we’ll pack an extra just in case he’s cold.

Soon we get through the bag and take a look at his suitcase, double checking the items.  “Está listo?” I ask.  They eagerly and confidently proclaim, “Si!!”.  He’s ready.

We send him on his way, excited for his trip, but also sad to see him go.  Before he departs, we lovingly give him one final, “Buen viaje!!”

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