Radical Reset (Slice of Life: Day 20)

In extended care at school, Joel leads students from time to time in an activity called “Radical Reset”.  All the kids need to stop what they’re doing and put everything away.  The day isn’t over, and no one is going home yet.  They are allowed to take back out what they just cleaned up after it’s over.  But for these few minutes, everyone comes together to clear the center and have a reset.  When I was there to see it live in action, I was surprised to feel its power.  Students were calmer.  While I didn’t realize it occurring, there had been a chaos slowly building.  It was more noticeable once everything was suddenly brought to a peaceful place.

I recently decided I needed a Radical Reset in my life.  Unlike the kids after school, I wasn’t putting away toys and deconstructing Lego towers.  I was setting aside activities I had always loved and saying no where I had always said yes.  Not because I couldn’t pick them back up again, but because I needed a reset.  I needed a moment of peace.  It took time and it wasn’t very fun (though cleaning up never really is, right?), but after a short while, I found that peace.  I began to notice that chaos that had been rising up under my eyes.  Although it was sad to say goodbye, I was happy to set things aside in order to take a deep breath.

Once Radical Reset ends, students can take out games and toys again, just as before.  Several children choose the same activity as before, but not as many as you’d think.  It can be exciting to try something new out.  I didn’t realize the doors that would open during my time of peace, and how easy it was to close others.  However, today, like those kids, I picked back up the same activity, but I can hardly say it was the same.  After my reset, rejoining this activity felt like coming home.  I had a new appreciation for it, like returning from vacation and relishing in the moment of sinking into your favorite couch.  I had missed it, but I wouldn’t have known that without my reset.  Right now I am thankful for the chance to reset my life, and the freedom to pick back up the things I still love.

4 Replies to “Radical Reset (Slice of Life: Day 20)”

  1. I didn’t know this happened in EC, but what a gift to the kids, too. I wonder if they’ll carry the habit into their ‘at home’ lives? It’s nice to hear that you’ve carried it into yours, Kimber.


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