Travel Home (reversible poem) (Slice of Life: Day 24)

  • My home!
    Travel is
    a place to escape to,
    like some feel.
    Home is
    being back where you started.
    I don’t love
    going somewhere unfamiliar.
    A new experience of
    excitement is
    always necessary.
    Home is.
  • Home is
    always necessary?
    Excitement is
    a new experience of
    Going somewhere unfamiliar.
    I don’t love
    being back where you started.
    Home is,
    like some feel,
    a place to escape to.
    Travel is
    my home.

6 Replies to “Travel Home (reversible poem) (Slice of Life: Day 24)”

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I definitely connect more with the second one 🙂 But I am close to a lot of people who are the “home-body” type, so drew from my experience with them.


  1. Is it one of the qualities of a reverse poem that the reverse is an opposing view? You have captured it perfectly with carefully selected words and crafty punctuation. While this may feel like two people reflecting on the same topic, I wonder if both points of view embody parts of you; they spoke to me in that way. A person torn.


    1. Thanks so much! I don’t know much about reverse poetry, but the book I found today described two opposing fairy tale characters. I used it as a launching pad for mine. I’d say there’s a little of both in me, although I connect mostly with the second one 🙂


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