Listening in Public (Slice of Life: Day 29)

I’m fascinated by the bits of conversation I hear when out in public. Sometimes it’s just a string of words I catch but it still captures my attention. It’s a flash moment where our lives cross paths and they may never cross again. I also like looking back at what the tidbits may tell me about my surroundings. These were collected from both Denver and New York City.

My kid likes burritos
You have to understand technology
Let me order
This is the boys’ favorite place
I walked over there the other day
He’s in a relationship
She knows everything
No idea
I don’t that’s right
She hasn’t been home all weekend
It’s broken
You do whatever they tell you
You dork
It smells like something
I know he like to completely takes over
I just wanna go in
The only reason we
Yo lo hiciste
Yeah, I, um
It was like a hundred dollar, I was paying 400
He was like, really bored
Mira que te cambiaron
He might not know

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