Great News (Slice of Life: Day 30)

For weeks I’ve been living with a certain anxious anticipation about my upcoming summer.  Depsite the time I’ve spent making plans, arranging dates, considering future timelines, and scheduling trainings, I haven’t known my destination.

This summer I have been hired to lead Spanish-immersion international service trips for high schoolers.  Although I recieved my contract, I was not yet given a trip location.  This job will be a completely new adventure for me, unlike jobs in my past.  Several years ago, when I decided to join cruise ships, I had my brother’s experience on my belt.  He was able to pass down all the tips and tricks of ship life before I went.  Most people spend weeks getting aquainted with life on board and how to get the most of your experience.  I, however, was walking into the shore excursions office uninvited on Day One asking to get on a free tour, thanks to Eric’s advice.  The next day I was cruising through wetlands in the Dominican Republic with my first ship friend.

This summer, however, is uncharted territory.  I don’t have a close family member or friend who has worked for this company.  I simply have a growing desire to travel and continue teaching Spanish to youth.  As excited as I was to accept the job, it has been difficult to plan not knowing where I will be headed.  In recent conversations with friends, I could feel the hesistation in my voice.  I wanted to be able to shout with fearless joy about my plans, but couldn’t find it within me.  Instead I felt the anxious anticipation.

This afternoon I received an e-mail with a message to call about my placement this summer.  I picked up the phone immediately to dial and was shortly connected with my leader.  On the other side of the line, I hear,

“Kimber, you’ve been placed on the Ecuador and Galapagos Islands tour for this summer.”

I was floored with emotion.  Any restless feelings dissolved.  I am going to Ecuador!  And I can finally enjoy knowing it 🙂

7 Replies to “Great News (Slice of Life: Day 30)”

  1. The best part of this is that you don’t have anyone to fill you in on what you are about to embark on. I know you will have an amazing experience and will learn so much about other parts of the world and also learn about yourself. I am so happy for you Kimber! Take risks!!


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