An Open Letter (Slice of Life: Day 2)

I forgive you.  I am letting you go.  I forgive you for staying in a place that left you feeling unhappy, unloved, and alone.  I forgive you for not walking away the moment you doubted and holding on instead.  It’s okay.  You had hoped it would get better.  You had hoped it would be fulfilling someday.  You gave it your all!  You tried your hardest to make it work.  You didn’t give up, even when you were empty inside.  I forgive you for not standing up for yourself more, for letting someone else convince you that you were wrong, and for falling into lies.  You didn’t know then.  You’re much wiser now!  Be glad you learned from that experience.  You’re a strong person to walk away as bravely as you did.  You held your head high and tried not to burn bridges.  I don’t blame you for feeling sad about leaving–you put our heart out there.  Even though it was not cared for, you got it back and you took good care of yourself.  I forgive you for replaying the scenes in your head and wanting to make sense of it.  Our minds like to calculate things and it almost seems possible at times.  Rest your mind, darling.  There’s no point.  It was what it was.  It’s over now and you don’t need to feel sad or alone and you don’t need to understand it.  Look how far you’ve come from where you once were.
I forgive you!
Don’t feel bad when you have dreams of the past.  Think of them with fondness, not sadness.  Send out vibes of love and know that they will be felt by others.  I forgive you for wanting to let go sooner and more quickly.  I don’t blame you for wishing that way.  As you know, it takes time.  You’re doing everything you can do.  Keep living the amazing life you’ve got for yourself.  Give love and kindness to others.  Accept love from those who give it.  Don’t waste time on the others.  Give them love and then send them on their way.  Be selfish.  Not at heart, but in terms of care.  You must continue to care for yourself and make it a priority.  Life will take over if you don’t.  It’s okay that you got caught up and lost yourself.  You don’t ever have to feel that way again.
I forgive you.  Please feel at peace about the past.  Every wrong step is a lesson for which step to take next.  Some lessons are harder than others–but you lived through it!  I’m proud of you for moving forward and shining brightly.


10 Replies to “An Open Letter (Slice of Life: Day 2)”

  1. I’m wondering who this is written for – is it you? Is it a friend? Is it any person who has walked away from a bad situation?

    Beautifully written with an important message.


    1. It was originally intended for me, but I posted it with a few adjustments to make it readable enough for anyone to relate to.
      Thank you!


  2. I, too, was wondering who your intended audience was for the letter. It does resonant on a universal level and I can feel the healing in the way you alternate between do’s and don’t’s. And the thread of “I forgive you” ties the whole piece together.


  3. What a wonderful idea for reflection. I love the point of view/perspective you wrote with in this piece. The letter-to-self model is cathartic and reflective and didactic at the same time.


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