Last Moments (Slice of Life: Day 8)

The sun is staying out longer each day, which tells me that summer is undoubtedly approaching.  The day we leave is getting closer and closer.  Most of the time, I feel enormous excitement.  However, today as I write lesson plans for the end of the year, I am feeling the finality of my time as this school I have come to love dearly.  Thoughts enter my mind, stinging me with their words.

This will be the last time I teach that class.

You better sing that song one more time before you leave.

That will be the last activity of the year.

I think of the incredible moments I’ve had with these students throughout the years, watching them grow and learn.  There are several that have been in my Spanish classes for five years now.  I remember one girl coming to class as a squishy, adorable five-year-old.  She sat on the carpet around the “picnic blanket” and shyly chose the foods she wanted on her plate in the best Spanish she could mimic.  I see her now in a higher level class, practicing conversation, verbs, grammar, etc.  Another student was new in 2nd grade.  He came with his quirky personality and I wasn’t sure how to reach out to him.  I got the feeling he didn’t love learning Spanish.  Now he’s in my highest level, one of the strongest students in the class.  When he heard I was leaving, he make the joke, “Now we’re all going to take French because Spanish isn’t fun without Kimber!”

I will miss their lovely faces, their energy for learning, and the laughs we share together in class.  These will be my last months, days, and classes with them.  As I reflect on these moments from the past, I am sincerely grateful for the time we’ve spent together.

2 Replies to “Last Moments (Slice of Life: Day 8)”

  1. I don’t know anything about you or where you are going, but I do know this from your slice: YOU are a teacher…a born teacher. And your students were blessed to have you while they did. Godspeed on your journey! Thanks for sharing!


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