Coffee thoughts (Slice of Life: Day 13)

The coffee shop brings a variety of clients on a Sunday morning. Jonathan and I sit quietly. He zones out, into his laptop after consuming his usual egg and cheese bagel sandwich, which smells like heaven. I sit across from him, half focused on my drawing, half absorbing the crowd around us. Each group that comes in makes me wonder about what they’re doing, who they are, and what brought them to this moment.

There was a group gathered on the couch earlier, discussing ancient philosophers and God. It sounded like a professor answering questions to a college group, though I wasn’t sure. They were referring to a specific text. The conversation was intriguing and I almost wanted to jump in to participate. Their deep questions made me miss the rich conversations that happened in my college theology courses.

There is a young woman sitting near us, buried in highlighted notes. A friend or fellow student came by a couple times to review topics to study. It sounded like a test was coming up soon. The brief comments I overheard alluded to nursing or medical science. Their conversation brought up more memories of college and my passion for learning. I grew excited about the possibility to be enrolled in a masters program next year.

A man and woman–friends, I presumed–discussing the progress of their infants. When I glanced over, hers was wrapped up tight around her belly, big eyes wandering the room. Their detailed conversation involving babies looking up at the ceiling, vomiting or not vomiting, and sleeping at night, made me think about how having children can often consume your adult conversations. This pair, however, seemed eager to have someone with whom to compare/contrast these stages of infancy.

And then, of course, there are the dogs. There’s the young and excited one, reaching for the sandwich his owners’ split in half. He quickly sits as they take their first bites. If he waits patiently, perhaps he’ll be passed a crumb. Next there’s the calm and sweet one, tied outside while her owner goes inside for a soup and coffee. She lays on the ground looking comfortable and at ease. When her owner returns, she enjoys a small bite of toast passed to her and then resumes her position.

I sip my coffee and return to my drawing. Thoughts of college, studying, babies, and dogs drift in and out of my head.

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