3 Reasons (Slice of Life: Day 14)

Out of the hundreds of reasons I am excited to move to Colombia, I have three reasons that I’m not.

1. Cosette
2. Adalay
3. Harlyn

My three nieces are all under two years old, and changing everyday. I met each of them the same day they arrived in the hospital. Cosette, two years ago this month, and the twins, last November. I have seen Cosette change from a tiny ball of blanket into a talking, giggling, goofing, seriously intelligent person. You see, I am the youngest in my family and we didn’t grow up near our cousins. Despite my vast experience working with kids, I’ve never spent much time around babies, let alone watch one grow up.

Being around my nieces as they grow has been one of the coolest experiences of my life. I am fortunate to be living near them now and able to see their week to week progression (can you imagine being so drastically different a week from today?!). The next two years won’t be the same. Luckily I have Skype, Facetime, Whatssap, etc. to help me out. But I won’t get to squeeze them, or throw them arriba/abajo, or give them besos.  Oh how I’ll miss them!

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