Chubby Girl (Slice of Life: Day 15)

Here’s to the pants
that fit too tight,
to the shirts
that won’t hide my rolls.
Here’s to having
that second piece of cake,
or third.
Here’s to the numbers on the scale
that are always too high.
Here’s to looking in the mirror
at five years old,
hating my dress over my belly
and having the thought,
“This makes me look pregnant.”
Here’s to going to birthday parties
at eight years old
where swimsuits are required,
as the only one wearing
a one-piece,
and hearing friends
whisper and snicker.
Here’s to being at sleepovers
with nine year old friends,
taking turns sharing
our least favorites parts
of our bodies.
Here’s to having crushes
on boy after boy
who wouldn’t look my way,
dare they be seen
with the chubby girl.
Here’s to the boy in 7th grade
sitting in front of me
who heard me say,
“I want to go to lunch;
I’m so hungry”,
and remarked snidely,
“You would be.”

Here’s to miles ran,
wheels pedaled,
knees higher,
rounds done.
To weights heavier,
planks held,
sprints to the finish.
Here’s to every ounce
of sweat poured
and cake ignored
that never erased the past.
To the girl inside us all
longing to be seen
for more than just
a first glance.
Here’s to finally losing
the weight of shame,
and trying on acceptance,
letting go of expectations,
and finding love instead.
Here’s to that chubby girl
who knows better than
to define herself by looks,
by others,
by her body.
She knows
what true love is,
what real beauty looks like.
She sees it in others,
but more importantly,
sees it in herself.

7 Replies to “Chubby Girl (Slice of Life: Day 15)”

  1. Really love the authenticity in your piece! I have felt many of the same feelings before (and still do sometimes). Kudos to you for finding your beauty! You sound like a lovely person. 🙂


  2. As a former and current chubby girl, knew all too well the words you described. I loved this. I could write about my mom needing to cut the elastic on the arms of my dresses since they left mean, red rings on my arms. Or the shame of not so pretty “pretty plus” jeans from Sears. Currently, I am stuck weighing far more than I should. My soul cannot bear another diet, counting points or cutting carbs. Trying to be healthier but seriously the chocolate wins every time.


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