Snow Day 2 (Slice of Life: Day 24)

Crackles and rustles outside,
Occasional resounding plops,
Continuous dripping in my ears.
Branches kiss the windows,
Globs slip off my bike,
The sun has made its presence known.
I step outside and I’m blinded.
Lawns, plants, and cars are covered
With the brightest white.
Squishing and sloshing
Underneath my heavy boots
As the puddles rise higher.
The contrast between dry and wet
Stands at least 3 feet high
Next to my buried car.IMG_0955

3 Replies to “Snow Day 2 (Slice of Life: Day 24)”

  1. Oh goodness. You do not want to know where I am right now. It’s quite the opposite of you. I just want you to know that if I could beam you up from there and help you get here (you can read about it in my own blogpost today), I would. Hope Spring comes to you SOON!


    1. Haha thanks!! Enjoy your warm weather! I will be moving away soon so I might as well enjoy it while “snow days” are still a thing 🙂


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