Adios clase de Kimber

Goodbye little monkey asleep in the sombrero.

Goodbye blue chest sitting in the corner, topped with weather pages and books.

Goodbye crumpled flowers of brightly colored tissue paper, folded thoughtfully for Día de los Muertos.

Goodbye mounted piñata; you were my favorite addition to the wall.

Goodbye mapa. I hope you continue to inspire places to travel.

Goodbye calendario. Maybe someday I won’t be mixed up about what month or day it is.

Goodbye fruits, veggies, animals, shapes, bingo chips, flyswatters, and sets of cards. You cluttered my shelves but I always needed you right next to me.

Goodbye Oso Panda. You were a secret weapon for me and I admire your spirit of travel.

Goodbye teal wall, blue wall, and green wall. It made such a difference to paint you; I loved the energy you brought in.

Goodbye poster of emotions.  I’m feeling quite triste today.

Goodbye yellow chair. Sitting on you meant I was doing something special: teaching.

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