Numbers of the San Blas

1 leaping Manta Ray
2 hammocks by the sea
3 coconuts-minimum, needed
4 islands visited
5 rings of the conch shell
6 -too late to buy coconuts
7 attempts to restart the fire
8 our hut, and the number of crabs inside it
9 yellow starfish
10 sandy volleyball players
11 new anklets and bracelets
12 burnt marshmallows
13 Mississippi, lightning getting farther
16 bonding teens, getting closer each day
19 scoops of peanut butter
21 giggling Kuna children
34 ants in the food bin (a normal amount)
38 palm trees total, on our island
57 sand fly bites
360 San Blas islands so small
Millions of star shining down

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