Open house

Open house: my first time speaking in front of a group of parents (in Spanish) hoping to convince them that I am capable of teaching their children everything they need to know for their 5th grade year.  As unfamiliar as it was, I felt confident and at peace.  The spirit of the Logan School filled my heart and poured out of me.  Small but precious wisdoms I gathered, like fallen flowers on my path, were treasures I could now unveil to my baited audience.  My voice felt like the echo of all my mentors and admirable coworkers from years prior.

These kids don’t need homework.  They need to play and rest and sleep.

My priority is to teach them to be better people: to be responsible, independent, caring, and appreciative.

When you give students responsibility of their education, they become invested in it and grow a love of learning.

I don’t set sweeping rules for all my students, I plan to address an issue with a particular student as it arises.

My words fell upon the crowd with relieved acceptance.  As I spoke, I grew confidence in myself.  I hadn’t done this particular job before, but I knew what was important.  I believed in my plan, which was taught to me in both my previous school and my job leading summer trips: to create better humans.

Photo by tara hunt

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