My Nest (Slice of Life: Day 5)

Recently painted, our apartment is beginning to feel like home. The colors exude our personalities, bright teal, calm blue-gray, and a gentle green. The light no longer sends sharp stings of white into your eyes. Walking into a room, the colors welcome you, inviting you to relax and stay a bit longer.

Today we began to put back up our decorations. This time, with more thought than simply ‘how much of this white wall can we cover up?’. Our placements are meaningful, purposeful, and reflect our favorite items. Jonathan’s photos from Cuba are spotlighted when you walk in the front door and as you walk down the hallway. Metallic bottles add a glimpse of rustic sparkle on shelves here and there. Fabric designs from Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama are bold and lively as they hang once again.

Settling in has been a slow process here. Although I love to travel, I value my space at home and need to feel nestled in, comforted, and safe (see my poem in reverse Travel Home for this paradox in my life). Today my spirit began to curl up, snuggled among the paintings, colors, and fabrics.

3 Replies to “My Nest (Slice of Life: Day 5)”

  1. What wonderful things you are doing to make your home so warm and cozy! Loved this sentence…”Our placements are meaningful, purposeful, and reflect our favorite items.”


  2. Yes! I too am a nester, and I love that you referred to your space as such. I think there is something so important about creating your home as a space that reflects who you are and feels like something cozy and warm. Here’s to nesters the world over.


  3. There is something so restful about making your “nest” you home, a place that reflects your personality. The colors you chose are very peaceful and relaxing. “Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home.” Thanks for sharing.


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