Slide to Power Off (Slice of Life: Day 17)

Dear Technology,

Goodbye! I’m leaving you for a while. We’ve been spending too much time together and frankly-I need a break! Text messages, Youtube videos, online articles, e-mails, blog posts, Netflix marathons, Facetime, Oscar movies, online discussion boards, Whatsapp messages, Facebook updates, virtual worlds…Whew! My brain is exhausted thinking of the last few weeks with you.

Technology, even though we are separating, I would like to thank you for the many reasons I appreciate you. You allow me to blow kisses back and forth to my baby nieces (which often end with slobbered screens). You give me the opportunity to share my writing with a community, including my class here in Colombia and my previous students in Denver. You let me reunite with my best friends (#square) to share hilarious stories from our days, give good news (ie: another baby!), and show off what color we’ve painted our place. You keep my family in close contact, sharing photos, videos, and stories in our group chat. We can celebrate our successes together instantly, give support when needed and keep our family inside jokes alive (#eggie). I thank you for these incredible possibilities, that wouldn’t exist without you. They provide me with the feeling of closeness, even when I live far away.

This weekend, however, will be different. You may remember Cuba-the time I was gone for a month. We didn’t see much of each other (you’re not really a ‘thing’ there yet). Although it won’t be as long, these few days are going to help me feel rejuvenated. I will be reconnecting with my true love, nature.

When I return, I know we will be back together for Baby Share videos, the next season of Black Mirror, and Slice of Life. But look..we will need to establish some boundaries going forward. We’ll talk more on that later.

For now, farewell, I’m turning you off.


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