Authentic Power (Slice of Life: Day 28)

I have started reading, The Seat of the Soul, by Gary Zukav. In the first chapter, he describes the difference between external power and authentic power. External power is grown through control of the environment, of our five senses. Authentic power is within us, found through our intuition, purpose, meaning, insight, and clarity of the world.

Those who obtain external power pursue the enjoyment of the five senses and control others in this way. However, according to Zukav, authentic power is found when we recognize ourselves as multi-sensory beings. When we acknowledge that we are more than a mind and a body, we can begin to evolve into our true purpose.

I’ve given myself a week to digest the first chapter, as it seems to be the kind of book that requires time to understand. At the end of the book, they have provided a Study Guide with questions. Below are some answers that show my reflection on his ideas.

What makes a powerful person powerful? Who affects your life most powerfully–people who intimidate you or people who sincerely care for you?

Powerful people are those in my life who are caring in a non-judgmental way. They also have trust in me as a person, assuming I have good intentions. Part of their power is that they call me to be a better person. I am drawn to their power. I want to stand up with them and be as powerful in my own self.

How am I a multi-sensory being?

I feel vibes when I enter a space.
I notice positive or negative energy coming from others.
I see glimpses of the future.
My dreams tell me stories of my soul.
I choose based on my instincts.
I have been healed by Reiki.
I can feel when my chakras are blocked.
I know when I don’t follow my intuition.

I look forward to exploring the rest of this book and finding ways to be more in touch with my multi-sensory self. From past experiences, I know that being in touch with my inner truth is the way to have joy. I will let you know more as I discover!

Interested in reading? Here’s the link

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