We Bleed

What day of your cycle are you in?

I wish this question was asked more often, considered on occasion at least. Today I was reminded by a friend of the intense power of our menstrual cycles. During the time we bleed, we are literally opening up to the world. We shed. We cry. We feel. Our vulnerable bodies want rest and release. Momentarily, we escape from the pain of the physical world and we are drawn a bit closer to the spiritual.

Knowing this, many cultures respect a woman’s cycle, honor it, or use it as a guide.  Ceremonies and celebrations revolve around the menstrual cycle. Women are given attention and care in response to their needs. A sacred space is created for this time of the month. What I grew up with, on the other hand, was quite the contrast.

I felt ashamed; I had something to hide. We never spoke about it, or acknowledged its meaning. Instead, it was a joke on me and all other women around me. And when we weren’t laughing, we were covering it up. With pads. Or dark pants. Tucking away our essential being.

I am just beginning to learn about my cycle, how I can understand it better, what strengths it gives me, and ways to integrate my knowledge about it.

I’m 9 days out.

Photo: William

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