Healthy Rebellion

Are you a rebel inside?

I love to break the rules, stand out, and be bold. Something inside me craves rebellion. You might say it’s from my childhood, or my personality, or my upbringing. All I know is, it forms a part of who I am.

Being a rebel can get a person into trouble. Bending the rules is often allowed, but breaking them? Well, you might end up with problems to solve. When our actions cross over into harmful, then I think it should be off limits. While I’ve done plenty of both, I now realize the fine line between acts that can harm and acts that don’t. For myself, I have started setting my own guidelines for my rebellious side. It’s called: Healthy Rebellion.

When I indulge in healthy rebellious acts, I feel alive and expressed. I’m not harming anyone (including myself), but I am stepping outside of the box. These acts satisfy my craving to go against the grain.

Some examples of Health Rebellion include:
– Changing my hair (blue, black, shaving half my head, chopping it off)
– Getting a piercing
– Getting a tattoo
– Taking a mental health day from work
– Writing about controversial topics
– Wearing different clothing (I like hats, crazy jewelry, and rocking sneakers with dressy outfits)
– Standing up for my opinion

I’ve found that I need to set aside time and make it a priority to add rebellion into my life. If I don’t, my rebellious side will come barreling out with a vengeance. I might quickly involve myself in harmful behavior such as over-eating junk food, staying up too late, or drinking too much alcohol (there are plenty others, but these tend to be my go-to’s). In order to prevent these actions from creeping into my life, I make positive, healthy rebellious choices first.

Are you a rebel inside? What are your healthy rebellious ways?

3 Replies to “Healthy Rebellion”

  1. Ooh I love the list format of this post. It inspires so many reader ideas that way! And I especially love the ‘taking a mental health day from work’ as an act of rebellion. My mind needs a day much more often than my body does, and I’d rather not wait until it shows up in my body before listening. Definitely an act of rebellion I have made peace with over the years. And writing, too. Definitely writing.


  2. I just recently cut off 9 inches of my hair and feel brand new. Something that I was terrified to do turned out to be just what I needed to “feel alive”!


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