Ours (SOL Day 8)

Your alarm goes off first, and eventually mine.
You roll over, eyes shut tightly, resisting the morning.
”Are we getting up?” I ask, hoping you might say no.
Another round of alarms remind us of the goals we set last night.
Legs intertwine and we’re still in bed.
I wonder if I should change my alarm. Sleep more or work out?
You make the decision for us.
(Have I told you I love when you do?)
My hand turns on the light and my legs stand me up.
Thirty minutes later, our workout is done.
We put the weights and mats away, high-fiving one another.
Coffee is poured and we sip as we watch the sun paint the clouds pink, the buildings around us lighting up one by one.

These moments of our morning are only ours.

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