Weekend Retreat (SOL Day 9)

I am headed to a retreat this weekend with several other women. Today, the leader (a friend of mine) asked us, What are you hoping to get out of this weekend?

When I signed up, I barely knew what I was committing to, but a weekend away sounded perfect. I have tendencies to get into several projects at once which can end up in over-scheduling. It’s important for my well-being to schedule in time to relax, process, and rejuvenate.

During the last couple weeks, I have experienced ups and downs of emotions. I have felt the effects of taking on ”too much” and figuring out how to re-balance my priorities. Looking forward towards a new career, I have also been researching my next step. I am learning how to follow through with what I have already committed to, while also setting myself up for the future.

It’s been a lot.

For this weekend, I packed a couple shirts, my journal, and my lavender oil.

I want to feel present, in my body.

I want to write, without purpose.

I want to allow emotions to rinse out of me.

I want to experience nature.

I want to swim, again and again.

I want to read, and let the words sink in.

I want to sit with other women, and feel their presence.

I want hugs.

I want to remind myself of what truly matters.

What are you doing this weekend? I hope you give a little space for what you might need.

One Reply to “Weekend Retreat (SOL Day 9)”

  1. My goodness. I feel like you wrote this about me. I’m in a similar emotional place, also with a move ahead of me. And I’m also attending a retreat, although just a mini-version, that my friend is leading. Thank you for writing this! I hope you get these things out of it. Good luck!!!


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