Free (SOL Day 10)

Drop off backpack. Check my packing list. Fill up my water bottle. Change my clothes. Order taxi.

I went through my list in my head as the elevator climbed from the second floor to the fourth. I had minutes to grab what I needed and get into a cab to meet the group on time at the bus station. I hadn’t met these women before, but we were headed out together for a weekend retreat outside of the city. I was eager to get away, meet new faces, and spend time in nature. Anxious to get there, I figured I could relax once I was on the bus out of town.

The doors opened and the dash began. In a few moments, I was strapping on my backpack and downstairs looking for the license plate of my taxi. There was some traffic along the way, typical for a Friday afternoon. I watched us creep through the red lines on Google maps as we approached the station.

As our 30-minute ride was coming to an end, I looked down, expecting to see my purse around my shoulder. Nothing.

I was bare.

I pictured it–all my cash, my cards, my ID–everything sitting on the table next to the door of our apartment. My mind immediately flashed to the impending moment of this taxi ride, you know, when I would be expected to PAY.

I didn’t have even a coin on me.

I texted Jonathan at home, wondering if he could bring it while simultaneously realizing it would take just as long for me to turn around and get it.

I texted the women I was meeting, unsure of what to say. Hey..I’ve never met you before, will you pay for my taxi and bus ticket? K thanks!

Sure enough, they did. Without a second thought. And I knew I was beginning a weekend surrounded by like-minded women who were strong, confident, welcoming, nonjudgmental, and understanding that there are more important hinge than a few bucks for transportation.

As for me, I feel free without the baggage of my wallet (perhaps this is what I needed?). I know I’ll be okay without it. I’m in good hands.

5 Replies to “Free (SOL Day 10)”

  1. I love the final sentence, “I’m in good hands.” I went to yesterday’s post, so I could ground myself in your thinking. You have found the perfect “group hug.” Let it nourish you this weekend.


  2. Sounds like you have met a wonderful group of women and I am sure you would have done the same thing. I enjoyed reading your slice because of your sentence structure and how it matched how you were feeling at each moment.


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