Change (SOL Day 12)

Coming back to work after a relaxing weekend was harder than I’d hoped.

My current status is: wanting to change careers.

There’s a lot to love about teaching–that’s not it. I’ve always felt like I was born an educator. As soon as I learn something, I’m ready to share it with the next person.

However, I have beliefs about education and learning that feel out of alignment with my current position. As much as I am practicing having a positive mindset, it has been extra challenging lately.

I have a glimpse of the direction I want to move in. I have a vision of the person I want to become, in a thriving environment, appreciated for my work, and expressing myself through my work.

Right now, I need more patience. I need more clarity. I need more peace with where I am.

2 Replies to “Change (SOL Day 12)”

  1. I believe there exists a place, and space, that will allow you to fulfil that vision, in alignment with your beliefs; I believe that you will find it in due time. I hope that time will be soon.


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