Explore Until Satisfied (SOL Day 17)

We love cities.
We love nature.
I love a good long hike, covered head to toe in mud, and getting to experience the luxury of a nice warm shower and fancy soap.
Our favorite trips have had the right combination of hustling to see the sights and learn all we can, as well as taking it easy and soaking in vacation. San Fransisco biking from city to sea, followed by happy hour and a concert. Nicaragua climbing volcanoes, sleeping in until howler monkeys woke us up for piles of pancakes.
Panama City awaits us. Our vision is to ‘explore until satisfied’. For us, this means we don’t need to see every sight, do every-thing..but we certainly could. We’ll follow our vibes, our intuition, our desires.

Isn’t that true vacation?

7 Replies to “Explore Until Satisfied (SOL Day 17)”

  1. You and I sound like the same kind of vacationers. I like to immerse myself in the local culture or community so I feel like I really know the location but I also like to take time to relax. Enjoy your trip! It makes me wish I was heading somewhere other than back to work (our spring break was this past week).

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