#SIBS (SOL Day 25)

It’s a rare occasion that it happens.

3 siblings.
1 space.
Usually when you meet a family, the siblings are quite unique. You might notice a combination of features distinct in each: the quiet one, the chatty one, or maybe the brainy one.
While we do have our distinguishing qualities, I find remarkable the similar interests, passions, and traits my brothers and I share. Some of these include traveling, exploring new areas, getting to know other cultures, trying different cuisines, massive surprises, and competing. Our blood runs deep! These commonalities are not small ones for us.
Times when we’ve been together at once share a weight of excitement. With anticipation, friends around us are aware. They say,
“Look out, it’s happening!”
“Who knows what madness will ensue…”
“This clan is going to get wild!”
I enjoy the buildup almost as much as our time together.
Tomorrow begins our reunion: 3 siblings, 1 foreign country, 2 amazing spouses, and a wild ride ahead.
throwing it back to the 90’s

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