Private Coaching

Are you looking for a safe space for you to create change in your life? Instead of diagnosing and prescribing, working with a life coach is often seen as a relationship that supports your growth towards a better you. With goal-focused discussion, we work together to discover obstacles in your life and find creative solutions.

Available Packages

6-week Self-Exploration Series: Six sessions will provide you time to explore your goals, set intentions for changes, and discover the steps to becoming your best self.

3-month Transformation Package: Providing yourself the commitment of 3 months will allow for changes to begin. With consistent effort, you will take your growth to a higher level.

Business Wellness Education

At the heart of a successful, thriving company are individuals who are healthy inside and out. The way we take care of ourselves is reflected in our work life. Business Wellness Education is a goal-focused method to promote positive change in a company as a whole, starting with its individuals.

Available Packages

Introductory Session: Are you looking for an educational workshop that will promote health and wellness in your work community? This initial session will give participants an introduction to self care, an understanding of the impact of health on the work environment, and tools to put immediately into action.

6-week Happiness Coaching Series: This package is for those committed to improving their personal wellness for the sake of impacting their work performance and environment. Each session will focus on a different topic of your choice. Some options include Work-Life Balance, Growth Mindset, and Habits for More Energy. This series will help create more happiness, ease, and peace in your life.

Sisterhood Gatherings

In our women’s circles, we celebrate one another and find connection. We meet together to learn, inspire, and grow with one another. Often in sessions we meditate, visualize, journal, reflect, and discuss. Based on what is needed from the group, we cover topics related to health, empowerment, self-care, body image, relationships, and self-love.

She Is Enough

A Women’s Group based in Hong Kong. Previous sessions include ‘Being in Your Body’, ‘Living Decisively: Guidance on How to Choose’, ‘Declutter Your Life’, and ‘Releasing Resistance to Thrive’. Please see our Facebook Page for upcoming events.

Virtual Sisterhood

The purpose of this group is to connect with other women from around the world in a safe space. These monthly sessions take place online using the platform Zoom. Please see our Facebook Page for upcoming events.

Facebook Group

We have a private, virtual group available on Facebook: She Is Enough Sisterhood. In this space, we celebrate and uplift one another, discuss current topics related to women, wellbeing, and self love, challenge ourselves, and build sisterhood across the globe. We currently have over 450 members!